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Di Daerah Agak Kering. Pohon eboni sebagai penghasil kayu mewah merupakan jenis yang hanya tumbuh alami Happn /u2019 local hookup app india Sulawesi. Harga kayu eboni yang mahal mengakibatkan pohonnya dieksploitasi secara berlebihan dihabitat alarnnya. Untuk mencegah eboni dari kepunahan diperlukan konservasi eboni secara in-situ dan ex-situ.

Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk mengetahui teknik penanaman eboni di daerah tropik yang Happn /u2019 local hookup app india agak kering. Penelitian menggunakan rancangan acak lengkap berkelompok dalam percobaan faktorial 2 x 3. Damascus steel ledeburite class. Discovered that some of blades Damascus steel has an unusual nature of origin of the excess cementite, which different from the redundant phases of secondary cementite, cementite of ledeburite and primary cementite in iron-carbon alloys.

It is revealed that the morphological features of separate particles of cementite in Damascus steels lies in the abnormal size of excess carbides having Happn /u2019 local hookup app india shape of irregular prisms. Considered three hypotheses for the formation of excess cementite in the form of faceted prismatic of excess carbides.

The first hypothesis is based on thermal fission of cementite of a few isolated grains. The second Happn /u2019 local hookup app india is based on the process of fragmentation cementite during deformation to the separate the pieces. The third hypothesis is based on the transformation of metastable cementite in the stable of angular eutectic carbide.

It is established that high-purity white cast iron is converted into of Damascus steel during isothermal soaking at the annealing. It was revealed that some of blades Damascus steel ledeburite class do not contain in its microstructure of crushed ledeburite. Happn /u2019 local hookup app india

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It is shown that the pattern of carbide heterogeneity of Damascus steel consists entirely of angular eutectic carbides. Believe that Damascus steel refers to non-heat-resistant steel of ledeburite class, which have similar structural characteristics with semi-heat-resistant die steel or heat-resistant high speed steel, differing from them only in the nature Happn /u2019 local hookup app india excess carbide phase.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available In Prof. Dannan from DamascusSyria, proposed an interesting inequality for three positive numbers with unit product. It became widely known but Happn /u2019 local hookup app india not proved yet in spite of elementary formulation.

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In this paper we prove this inequality together with similar ones, its proof occurred to be rather complicated. We propose some proofs based on different ideas: Lagrange multipliers method, geometrical considerations, Klamkin—type inequalities for symmetric functions, usage of symmetric reduction functions of computer packages.

Also some corollaries and generalizations are considered, they include cycle inequalities, triangle geometric inequalities, inequalities Happn /u2019 local hookup app india arbitrary number of values and special forms of restrictions on numbers, applications to cubic equations and symmetric functions. Noise levels in Damascus city. Outdoor noise levels were Happn /u2019 local hookup app india at 22 sites in Damascus city.

Sound level meter model NC with a dBA selectable range was used in the current investigation. At each site noise data were collected from 7 Happn /u2019 local hookup app india 21 o'clock.

Indoor and outdoor noise levels in some hospitals were higher than WHO standard by dB and dB respectively. The study showed that the authorities administration must take necessary procedures to reduce the noise levels in residential regions and in the regions surrounding the hospitals. Eboni Diospyros celebica Bakh.

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Secara alami benih eboni mengalami kemunduran dengan bertambahnya waktu. Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk mengetahui Perubahan fisiologi dan biokimia yang terjadi pada benih eboni selama pengeringan penurunan kadar air. Rancangan percobaan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Rancangan Acak Lengkap dengan 3 kali ulangan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa: Variation of radon exposure in Happn /u2019 local hookup app india dwellings. In the present work, activity concentrations of Rn in air and Rn and Ra in drinking water were measured in Damascus city covering its old and modern parts.

Enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonadaceae on the dorsum of the human tongue. The aim of this study was to correlate the presence of Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonadaceae, Moraxellaceae and Xanthomonadaceae on the posterior dorsum of the human tongue with the presence of tongue coating, gender, age, smoking habit and denture use. A higher prevalence of Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonadaceae was observed on the tongue dorsum of the individuals Happn /u2019 local hookup app india. There was no correlation between these species and the presence and thickness of tongue coating, gender and presence of dentures.

Masalah yang dihadapi adalah pertumbuhan bibit yang lamban sehingga diperlukan percobaan tentang media pertumbuhan bibit yang sesuai. Bahan yang digunakan adalah bibit eboni berumur 6 bulan dengan pertumbuhan seragam. Bibit ditanam pada polybag berkapasitas 5 kg yang masing-masing berisi campuran media tanam yakni A tanah ; B tanah: Full Text Available The aim of this work was the experimental research of damascus steel from point of view of the structural analyze, impact strength and failure Happn /u2019 local hookup app india. The damascus steel consisted of both 84 and layers.

It has been found that the impact strength of experimental steels decreased with decreasing temperature behind with correlated change of damage mode. In the case Happn /u2019 local hookup app india experimental tests performed at high temperature ductile fracture was revealed and with decreasing temperature proportion of cleavage facets increased.

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Only the STN 41 steel did not show considerable difference in values of the impact strength with changing temperature. Manufacture of Damascus steel: Damascus Steel is the denomination that Happn /u2019 local hookup app india Europeans gave to the material with which the musulman swords were manufactured during the Era of the Crusades.

This Happn /u2019 local hookup app india steel presents a high content in carbon more than 0. The secret of its good mechanical characteristics is based in the hot forging process in the temperatures interval between and degree centigree. The final quenching in water brine or other aqueous solutions, confers to the swords manufactured with this steel a Happn /u2019 local hookup app india resistance to its cutting edge and a high Happn /u2019 local hookup app india. In the present investigation, the manufacture processes of this type of steel are studied.

Electronic scanning microscopy has been applied to the study of materials manufactured by the authors following the ancient craftsmen methods of forging and quenching. Because these steels also had excellent room temperature properties, they were developed for their commercial potential.

In the late s, we became aware of the striking compositional similarities between these modern steels and the ancient steels of Damascus. This observation led us to revisit the history and metallurgy Happn /u2019 local hookup Happn /u2019 local hookup app india india Damascus steels and Happn /u2019 local hookup app india steels. The legends and origins of Damascus Happn /u2019 local hookup app india date back to the time of Alexander the Great BC and the medieval Crusades 11th and 12th century ADand this material has also been the subject of scrutiny by famous scientist in Europe, including Michael Faraday.

Modern attempts to reproduce the legendary surface patterns which famously characterized Damascus steels are described. The extend to which the characteristics of Damascus steels are unusual is discussed. Finally, a program on radiocarbon dating was initiated to directly determine the age of about 50 ancient steels, including a Damascus knife, and the results are summarized.

Structure of three Zlatoust bulats Damascus -steel blades. Chemical composition, structure, and hardness of samples of three Zlatoust bulats Damascus steelsnamely, an Anosov bulat bladeObukhov bulat bladeHappn /u2019 local hookup app india a Shvetsov forged bulat-steel blank crucible steel have been investigated. The Anosov bulat possesses all signs of Happn /u2019 local hookup app india classical Damascus steel; this is a hypereutectoid carbon steel with a structure formed from chains of carbides against the background of fine pearlite troostite.

A banded pattern is revealed on the surface of the blade. The Obukhov blade cannot be referred to classical Damascus steel. The pattern on the surface of the blade is absent, despite the fact that the initial steel is hypereutectoid. The structure of the blade does not correspond to the structure of classical Damascus steel; this is bainite with numerous cementite particles.

The Shvetsov sample cannot be regarded as Damascus steel since it is made from a hypereutectoid steel alloyed by managanese and tungsten. The pattern on the surface of the metal is a consequence of the dendritic structure of the ingot which is developed during forging. The structure of this pattern differs from classical damascene pattern, since the latter is formed due to a specific arrangement of a variety of carbide particles against the pearlitic or some other background obtained during heat treatment.

Lead levels in roadside soils and vegetation of Damascus city. Happn /u2019 local hookup app india variations of lead concentration in roadside soils and plants in 12 sites in Damascus city have been investigated.

Lead concentrations in soil were found to be varied from While lead levels in roadside plants varied between 3. The results have also shown that most of the vegetables grown on the roadside of Damascus city have high concentrations of lead and the normal washing does not decrease it to An acceptable level.

Lead concentration in roadside soils and vegetation in Damascus city. The results have also shown that most of the vegetables grown on the roadside of Damascus city have high concentrations of lead and the Happn /u2019 local hookup app india washing does not decrease it to unacceptable level. The effect of various media on growth of ebony Diospyros celebica Bakh seedlings through seeds multiplication.

Full Text Available Study of the effects of various media on growth of ebony Diospyros celebica Bakh seedlings through seeds multiplication was carried out. The experiment used various media i. The study was arranged by Factorial Randomized Block Design with 4 replications, growth parameters were observed i. The results showed that the best medium of all parameter observed was EM Bokashi and the low results showed by latosol soil medium.

The best media at the study was EM Bokashi, and could be recommended for media of ebony seed multiplication especially.

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Biometric identification using infrared dorsum hand vein images. Full Text Available The evident need for improving access and Happn /u2019 local hookup app india controls has orientated the development of new personal identification systems towards using biometric, physiological and behavioral features guaranteeing increasing greater levels of performance. A low-cost hardware module for acquiring infrared images was thus designed; it consisted of a conventional video-camera, optical lenses, controlled infrared illumination sources and a frame grabber.

The accompanying software module was concerned with visualizing and capturing images, selecting regions of interest, pattern seg-mentation in the region and extracting, describing and classifying these features. False acceptance rate FAR was 8. Full Text Available This research is aimed to determine physical and mechanical properties of Ebony wood as a construction material.

Meanwhile MOE, bending Happn /u2019 local hookup app india, compressive strength parallel to grain, shear strength, and tensile strength parallel to grain are Geographic distribution of ebony leaf monkey Trachypithecus auratus E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Mammalia: As one of the fundamental units of ecology and biogeography, the geographic distribution of the endemic and threatened ebony leaf monkey Trachypithecus Happn /u2019 local hookup app india E.

All localities where the species. In this paper, a description is given of the connections that evolved from the initial development of a family of superplastic plain carbon steels that came to be known as Ultra-High Carbon Steels UHCS.

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