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Happy National Spa Week! Your skin will drink in the full benefits of this exclusive French Wine Facial.

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This indulgent Www spaweek com treatment will transport you across the Atlantic to Www spaweek com vineyards of France just in time for harvest. It incorporates European techniques and uses Tannins Www spaweek com collagen regeneration and Resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine that provides anti-aging benefits for your skin.

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Say Bonjour to this Www spaweek com that will leave you with a softer and clearer complexion. This hydrating body wrap starts with a dry body brushing and is followed by an application of a rich, warming balm with natural moisturizers. The body is then cocooned in a wrap to aid in absorption and rehydration, leaving skin silky-smooth and radiant.

The active botanicals bind in moisture for long-lasting hydration and protection. The most intensive and results-oriented facial offered, the facial is Www spaweek com designed for mature, Www spaweek Www spaweek com and tired skin. In one session, Www spaweek Www spaweek com combination of a customized peel application and a non-surgical facelift is used. The treatment includes a personalized mask, an eye treatment, and finishes with Www spaweek com oxygen infusion.

Immediate results are noticed and skin tone, texture, clarity, and elasticity are dramatically improved and restored. This also includes an anti-aging hand treatment. The treatment provides a pain evaluation and treatment plan for ongoing pain management. It includes exfoliation, an aroma-therapeutic body wrap and relaxing scalp massage to melt stress and rebalance spirit. The Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial is a luxurious Www spaweek com that begins with Lavender-infused deep breathing exercises, followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and extraction.

This indulgent treatment leaves you in a completely renewed state, ready to face the world. The lymphatic system is awakened using Rose Crystals and Acupressure massage lifts and firms the skin. The result is re-energized, glowing skin. Your ritual experience is introduced with a poultice that is combined with an ancient secret blend of herbs to ensure the ultimate experience. While calming the body you will eliminate unwanted toxins that can build Www spaweek com, due to unwanted stress.

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People use cupping to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

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