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Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya


Such drugs were once considered to be largely used by Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya old and infirm,but things seem to have changed.

Peer pressure and the influence of pornographic movies also make men try to fulfill their fantasies. But the Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya sexual assertiveness of Kenyan women was a common thread in many of our Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya. The new generation of women in Kenya is less influenced by religion and tradition and is willing to do what it takes to have good sex and this includes arming their boyfriends with drugs like Viagra.

Joyce, a salonist, Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya complains that her sexual ardour intimidates most Kenyan men, encouraged her banker boyfriend to start using the drugs popularly known as blue pills when his sexual performance dipped.

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Traders dealing in various sexual potency, penile enlargement, vagina tightening Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya and aphrodisiacs say that Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya are doing booming business from those seeking a quick fix solution to challenges in bed.

Interestingly, our contacts intimate, most of them do not suffer from erectile dysfunction that would require the use of such drugs, but only seek chemical assistance to impress their partners. Worryingly is that even teenagers as young as 16 are able to access the drugs. There have been warnings of that such drugs may cause Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya damage to the eye or directly trigger cardiac deaths, but their status as a cultural phenomenon seem to be growing.

According to neuro-surgeons and cardio vascular specialists anonymously interviewed for this article, heart related diseases, which used to be the preserve Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya the elderly, are gradually being suffered by the youth because of unhealthy lifestyles caused by use of junk food and performance enhancement drugs.

The main ingredient for sex enhancement drugs Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya sold locally is sildenafil citrate and tadalafil, substances that help increase the blood flow and can be effective for up Sexual enhancement drugs in kenya four hours. Kipkerich Koskei, the Government Chief Pharmacist, says that the Pharmacy and Poisons Board has registered 11 sex enhancement drugs, 10 of them tablets and one a Jelly. Viagra and Cialis are said to be the fastest selling drugs among those listed.

Some male sexual supplements are said to contain potentially dangerous chemicals. Unlike men, experts say there are fewer drugs to boost female sex drive because women need more than physical arousal to get into the mood.

Nicholas Mudimba, a TV sports anchor, says that widespread use of sexual enhancers is destroying rather than strengthening Kenyan male sexuality.

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